Drink & Think : Tardi Gras

Ozark Bathhouse 491 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR

Normal is boring, so let’s take things to the extreme with “Tardi-Gras” the first Drink & Think of 2023, where we’ll be exploring tardigrades and other extremophiles, the true lovers of the extreme! From radioactivity to the vacuum of space, we’ll be diving into the science behind these creatures’ extreme endurance in some of the […]


Mid-America Science Museum 500 Mid America Blvd, Hot Springs, AR

AN EXPLORATION OF ART & DESIGN INSPIRED BY ARKANSAS TREES Champion Trees by Linda Palmer • Turned Wood by Gene Sparling It has long been thought science and art are disparate fields, requiring different skills, occupying opposite sides of the brain. However, recent studies have found that the two are more related than anyone ever […]

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