Travel Through Space in the Dome!

The Oaklawn Foundation Digital Dome Theater stands as a cutting-edge attraction, offering a unique and immersive experience. The theater features the Digistar7 system, a state-of-the-art digital projection technology that brings content to life on a domed screen. This innovative setup provides visitors with a captivating journey through a variety of educational and entertainment experiences, from astronomy and science to art and multimedia presentations.

Tickets are available at the admissions desk and cost an additional $4 for general admission and Members, and $3 for school groups.

Experience a Galactic Adventure of a Lifetime!

The Mid-America Science Museum offers an enthralling experience through its digital dome planetarium shows. These captivating presentations transport visitors into the depths of space and time, leveraging advanced digital projection technology to create a seamless and immersive environment. Within the planetarium's domed theater, audiences are treated to a stunning visual journey through the cosmos, exploring topics ranging from astronomy and astrophysics to Earth science and more.

Whether it's a simulated tour of the solar system, an exploration of distant galaxies, or a deep dive into the mysteries of black holes, the digital dome planetarium shows at the Mid-America Science Museum offer a captivating fusion of entertainment and learning, making science and space exploration accessible and engaging for everyone.

Available Theater Shows

Darkness Over Arkansas: The 2024 Eclipse: Learn all about solar eclipses, (why they happen, their significance throughout history, and how to view them safely) as the total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024, draws closer.

Tales of the Time Traveler: Time travel like never imagined! Explore ancient civilizations. Witness the birth of the universe. Journey to the edge of a black hole. In Tales of a Time Traveler, you will discover that time is not so easily defined.

Tonight’s Sky: Join one of our educators live as they take you on an in-depth tour of the night sky. Learn about the constellations, planets, and objects even further out in space.

OSIRIS-REx: The Return: OSIRIS-REx launched in 2016 with a special mission: to visit the asteroid Bennu, thoroughly image it, and bring a piece of it back to Earth. Now, it finally comes home. See OSIRIS-Rex, learn about its mission, and tour the asteroid Bennu up close and personal. Showing Sept 22nd for a limited time.

Get Tickets

Adults $12.00
Children 12 and Under* $10.00
Seniors 65+ $11.00
Active and Retired Military** $11.00

* Children under 24 months - Free
** Must provide Military ID at Front Desk

General admission tickets are good for a one time visit and expire 7 days from the date of purchase.
Please present your email receipt at the front desk when you arrive.

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