"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence." - Albert Einstein

For our littlest visitors, curiosity is a way of life. Why is the sky blue? Where do colors come from? What happened to the dinosaurs? We LOVE questions, because with science the answer is almost always, "Well, let's find out!"

Our permanent exhibits invite participants of all ages to ask questions, think big, and wonder aloud. As you tour the Museum, you'll be invited to touch, listen, and observe scientific concepts ranging from light to motion, nature, water, and more. Available year-round, in rain or shine, repeat visitors continue to make new discoveries and develop new questions about the world around them. Best of all, our education team is constantly creating new activities and classes for you to enjoy.

So trust us when we say, "Please, DO touch the exhibits." It's why we're here!

The Marvelous Motion Gallery

When you enter the Museum you are welcomed to a place where nearly everything moves. In the Marvelous Motion Gallery you can explore how simple motions can combine to build elaborate patterns of movement. Simple motions - like swinging, circling, and falling - are governed by basic laws that guide movement throughout the universe.

In this gallery, you are invited to experiment, see what happens, and start to understand how the world moves. Key principles of motion are evident with exhibits like the Sand Pendulum, a Vertical Wave Machine, the Bicycle-Wheel Loopy Lasso, and the fascinating, ever-spinning Turntable.

The Light Bridge

As you pass through the Marvelous Motion Gallery, you’ll leave the East Wing of the Museum and enter the beautiful Light Bridge, which is flanked by floor to ceiling windows and spans the outside stream. Exhibits on the Light Bridge take advantage of the natural light to examine prisms, filters, and color.

You will view the changing of the seasons at one of the video time lapse stations, and appreciate the beauty of the Museum’s 21 wooded acres from the unique perspective of the museum Light Bridge.

Arkansas Underfoot

There is a lot going on underfoot in Arkansas. Think that the ground is as common as dirt? Dig in and take another look. In Arkansas, there are wonders beneath your feet. Look down and discover caves, fossils, and crystals. Get grounded in roots, erosion, and unearth a fascinating landscape. Here you’ll find a life-size mastodon skeleton, a 3D Mapping Table, and a giant tree reading nook.

Get Tickets

Adults $12.00
Children 12 and Under* $10.00
Seniors 65+ $11.00
Active and Retired Military** $11.00

* Children under 24 months - Free
** Must provide Military ID at Front Desk

General admission tickets are good for a one time visit and expire 7 days from the date of purchase.
Please present your email receipt at the front desk when you arrive.

The Bob Wheeler Science Skywalk

As you are crossing the Light Bridge, you will notice a unique structure through the windows to the south, which you can access through a door in the West Wing. Extending 180 feet from the back of the Museum and 40 feet off the ground, the Bob Wheeler Science Skywalk offers a stunning perspective of the 21-wooded acres surrounding the Museum.

The Workshops Gallery

The Workshops Gallery is a place to try things out! Want to learn something different? Try playing around with it. Getting your hands on something can make a lasting impression. In the Workshops Gallery, you can experiment with all kinds of topics. Look for patterns in math, music, and natural forms.

Make water move, and make still pictures seem to move. Put heat, motion, and electricity to work - and spark a new understanding.

Plan a Science Field Trip!

School Groups and Non-Profit Admission

Students $8.00
Includes one adult per ten registered students per group

Adults $8.00

Nothing enhances your science lessons like hands-on experiences! Get your students out of the classroom and explore real world science phenomena with over 100 interactive exhibits in the 65,000 square-foot Museum and throughout the 21 wooded acres surrounding the facility.

Alliance Rubber Co. Tinkering Studio

The Alliance Rubber Company Tinkering Studio provides a safe and fun place for children of all ages to explore, create, and invent through open-ended activities. Often messy - in a good way! - tinkering encourages adventure and supports the motto that innovation is possible only through trial and error.

New tinkering activities every week encourage this important self-led discovery.

Oaklawn Foundation Dinotrek

Embark on a journey of discovery as you see, hear and learn about these most famous and fantastic creatures of the past. As Arkansas' first and only permanent outdoor dinosaur exhibit, the Oaklawn Foundation DinoTrek features 13 species of dinosaurs from the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods.

Life-like dinosaur replicas based on the latest scientific theories are located near the entrance of the Museum and along nearly 1 mile of paved walkways in the woods behind the Museum.

Bring the Museum to You!

School Groups and Non-Profit Admission

1 HOUR $175

Mid-America Science Museum large format shows are a great way to bring the Museum to you! Explore the science of the super hot and the super cold with our Fire & Ice Show. Become a soundscape ecologist and learn about the importance of biodiversity through sound with the Global Soundscapes Show. Experience Science in Motion and learn about Newton, Bernoulli, and other great motions of physics!

Kye-Yac Clubhouse

The KYE-YAC Clubhouse is the museum's only exhibit devoted entirely to early childhood learning. This tot spot play area provides a safe environment for children who are preschool age or younger.

The KYE-YAC Clubhouse features a replica of the science skywalk with a fun play slide and other hands-on fun for the little ones.

The Rowland Emett Collection

Perhaps most famous for the fantastic creations in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Rowland Emett was also a satirist, cartoonist, and constructor of whimsical kinetic sculpture. Using common objects in novel ways, Emett created fantastic machines like the Museum’s "Featherstone-Kite Openwork Basketweave Mark Two Gentleman's Flying Machine" currently on display in the Workshops Gallery.

Mid-America Science Museum owns four of Emett’s sculptures and is the only museum in the United States to have them permanently on display. They have been in the Museum’s collections for over 40 years.

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