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Nothing enhances your science lessons like hands-on experiences! Get your students out of the classroom and explore real world science phenomena with over 100 interactive exhibits in the 73,500 square-foot Museum and throughout the 21 wooded acres surrounding the facility.

Schools and non-profit organizations qualify for the group rate. Proof of non-profit status must be provided upon registering your group.

*A minimum two-week advanced registration required.


School Groups and Non-Profit Admission (15 persons or more)

Students $8.00
Adults $8.00

Workshops & Science Shows

Mid-America Science Museum wants to further support teachers in hands-on educational activities offered at the museum and as Outreach and Distance Learning.

Students $3.00/per workshop per student
Dissections $6.00/per workshop per student
Tesla Theater Shows $1.00/per student
Digital Dome Shows $3.00/per student
Outreach Workshops $175/per 1 hour program
Additional Outreach Workshops $125/per 1 hour program

Crash Force

Grades: K

The Sheep are in their Jeep and out for a ride! But what happens when they go down the hill?? Let’s experiment with some force, motion and crashes!

NGSS Standards: K-PS2-1

What Makes Sound?

Grades: 1st

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? Let’s make our own silly sounds, then see real sound waves in motion!

NGSS Standards: 1-PS4-1

Worn Out World

Grades: 2nd

Chip just wants to be an important rock, but on his journey he gets changed into something special! Learn what happened to Chip as we experiment with some really fast weathering!

NGSS Standards: 2-ESS1-1

Unbalanced Forces

Grades: 3rd

Investigate how to use unbalanced forces to make an awesome roller coaster!

NGSS Standards: 3-PS2-1

Paper Circuits

Grades: 4th

Can you wire up your own light-up greeting card? We put the “Art” in STEAM as students learn about electric circuits in creative ways.

NGSS Standards: 4-PS3-4

Owl Pellet Exploration

Grades: 5th-7th

How do scientists evaluate the health of an ecosystem? Explore the interconnections of species in an ecosystem by evaluating skeletal remains in owl pellet castings.

NGSS Standards: 5-LS2-1, 7-LS2-2, 7-LS2-3


Grades: 8th-12th

A comprehensive hands-on experience that will guide students through the inner workings of the mammalian eye or heart.

NGSS Standards: MS.LS1.3, HAP-LS1-1AR

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