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Bring the Museum to You!

Mid-America Science Museum Outreach is a great way to being the fun and learning of the museum to your classroom or organization.

We provide all supplies and staffing required to give your guests the best Mid-America Science Museum experience!


1 Hour $175
Additional (same day workshops) $125/per show
Mileage Fees
Up to 50 Miles $25
50 - 100 Miles $50
100 - 200 Miles $100
Over 200 Miles Federal Per Diem

K - 12 Outreach Programs

Are You an Engineer?

Grades: K-2nd

Ready for some story-time inspired science? First we’ll read “Rosie Revere, Engineer” then experiment with engineering our own design solutions.

NGSS Standards: K-2-ETS1-1

Rocket Power

Grades: 3rd-5th

Your mission is to create a rocket out of paper and tape that can fly with the power of air! How far can you fly?

NGSS Standards: 3-PS2-2, 3-5-ETS1-1

Global Impacts

Grades: 5th-7th

Water covers 72% of our Earth, but how much of that is actually usable? Learn why water is our most precious resource and investigate ways to preserve it for future generations.

NGSS Standards: 5-ESS3-1, 6-ESS2-4, 6-ESS3-3


Grades: 8th-12th

A comprehensive hands-on experience that will guide students through the inner workings of the mammalian eye or heart.

NGSS Standards: MS.LS1.3, HAP-LS1-1AR

ScienTots Outreach Programs

Actual Size

Steve Jenkins

Go on a journey around the animal kingdom to learn just how big, and how small, things really are!

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, MT3.1, ST1.1, ST3.1

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Julia Rawlinson

Fletcher the Fox is very worried about his tree friend changing. Let's help Fletcher learn about leaves changing colors.

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, SE2.2, PH2.2, ST1.1, ST3.1, CA2.1

Little Cloud

Eric Carle

Little Cloud joins the crowd, gathering with his pals into one giant cloud. And then they rain!

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, PH2.2, ST1.1, ST3.1

A Rainbow of My Own

Don Freeman

Let’s learn about rainbows and make one yourself to play with!

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, SE2.2, CD3.2, PH2.1, ST1.1, ST2.1

Welcome Home, Bear A Book of Animal Habitats

Il Sing Na

Meet animals in their habitats around the world—and return with Bear to the one place he is truly happy.

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, SE2.2, PH2.2, CA2.1, ST1.1, ST3.1

Bee Dance

Rick Chrustowski

Bees are very busy, but what do they do all day?

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, PH1.3, PH2.2, ST1,1, ST3.1, ST3.2

I'm a Hungry Dinosaur

Janeen Brain & Ann James

Did you know that cooking is all about chemistry? Let's do some kitchen mixing!

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, PH2.2, ST1.1, ST2.1, ST3.1

On the Moon

Anna Milbourne & Benji Davies

Let’s go on a space adventure to explore the surface of the Moon!

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, PH2.1, ST1.1, ST2.1, ST3.2

The Tooth Book

Dr. Seuss

What is so special about teeth? Learn about your special mouth bones and how to take care of them.

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, PH2.2, ST1.1, ST3.2

What if Dinosaurs Were Pink?

Dr. Seuss

How do scientists know so much about dinosaurs? They learn from fossils!

NGSS Standards: EL1.2, CD3.2, PH2.2, ST1.1, ST3.1

Large Format Shows

Mid-America Science Museum provides options for large format shows in which we take the museum to you!

Theaters or Assemblies


30 minutes $275
Additional (same day shows) $200/per show
Mileage Fees
Up to 50 Miles $25
50 - 100 Miles $50
100 - 200 Miles $100
Over 200 Miles Federal Per Diem

Activity Stations for Your Event!

Mid-America Science Museum provides an activity booth for your special events!


Half day $250
Full day $400
Mileage Fees
Up to 50 Miles $25
50 - 100 Miles $50
100 - 200 Miles $100
Over 200 Miles Federal Per Diem

Distance Learning

For the first time, Mid-America Science Museum is offering distance learning. We can join your class via Zoom® for the following workshops and shows:

Crash Force (K -2nd)

Light and Shadows (K -2nd)

Worn Out World (K -2nd)

Global Impacts (5th - 7th)

Dissections: Sheep Heart or Cow Eye (6th - 10th)

Tesla Show (all ages)


45 Minute Session $85
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