Summer Camps

Give your child a summer to remember with Mid-America Science Museum’s Summer Camps! Our unique summer experiences are designed to be age-appropriate, educational, and, most of all, FUN!

The Summer camps at Mid-America Science Museum are day camps.

Drop off begins at 7:45am and all campers must be picked up by 5:15pm daily.

*Pricing includes tax.

Camp Registration

Non-Members $275*
Members $250*

Into the Wild - June 10th-14th

Biology, Geology, Paleontology, Ecology.

This camp is for kids who love biology, geology, and the natural world. Campers will learn about ecosystems while dissecting owl pellets, look more closely at insects & aquatic macro-invertebrates through microscopes, along with so many other activities.

Nurture the curiosity and love of the earth & life sciences.

Minecraft IRL - June 17th-21st

Campers will learn how to recreate what they can build & do in Minecraft & how closely they can link the game & real life while learning about circuits, engineering, design, & more.

Draw connections between activities in the game and what they can actually create to inspire engineering and creativity beyond the game.

SmART - June 24th-28th

Art is the foundation of curiosity. Campers learn how closely science and the arts are linked. While campers can get creative using visual arts, they will learn about chemistry, physics, and geometry, to name a few.

Highlight the relationship between science and art by way of explaining the science of the art projects campers create.

Space Explorers - July 1st-5th

In this camp, we will explore physics, rocketry, astronomy, our solar system, and beyond.

Campers will learn about space exploration, astronomy, & physics through tangible experiments & experiences. (Bringing the science of space to Earth)

Inventor's Workshop - July 8th-12th

Each day, campers will learn about different inventors & simple machines then get to test these concepts out. At the end of camp, campers will show off their own invention.

Examine “inventions” in our everyday lives to appreciate the complex thoughts that went into even the simplest inventions.

Lights, Camera, Science! - July 15th-19th

There is so much science that goes into movie magic. Campers will get to explore animation, special effects, and more even making a movie of their own. This camp is very collaborative & campers will also learn many soft skills including teamwork, creativity, leadership, problem solving, time management, & speaking.

Campers will learn about the science used to create movies while collaborating to create a movie to present to their parents on Friday during Science Fair, or premier day.

Magic for Muggles - July 22nd-26th

Campers will experiment each day using real science with a magical theme and look at sciences in a different way by relating it to the fantastic.


When do Summer Camps start?

June through August, Monday-Friday. Drop-off starts at 7:45 AM and campers must be picked up before 5:15 PM.

What are the age requirements?

Campers range in age from six to twelve years old and must be six years old at the time of camp. Ages are split into two rooms, 6-9 (6-year-olds must have completed 1st grade) and 10-12. We will have 12-15 spots per classroom, TBD.

Does the Museum provide lunch?

Campers may bring their own lunches and two snacks, we have 2 snack times a day, 10:00 and 2:00. Lunch is at 12:00. We do not provide refrigeration. Campers cannot purchase candy, ice cream, or soda during camp.

What should my camper bring?

Lunch and two snacks.

Extra clothes because camp can get messy!

Water bottle.

Sunscreen, we will be playing outside, and bug spray is encouraged.

Please leave all toys and electronics at home. Cosplay for Magic for Muggles camp is encouraged, but not required.

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